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Regenerating validation keys with ethereum staking

I am not in this situation but I want to understand what happens if: I have generated Ethereum validation keys. I have transferred this validations keys to a server (validation node), without keeping ...
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Is it possible to validate a UUID in Solidity?

How can I check that a uuid is valid in Solidity? Is there a library or anything to do that?
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how smart contract know a real owner of account has requested the withdraw method?

I need to know when I receive the request on Withdraw method, how does smart contract know that the real owner of the account has sent the request? is this done automatically by the system before ...
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how blockchain verify private keys, I am sure nodes does not store private key, so how private key is validated?

it's the doubts lie in the very core concept, but I wanna know how the nodes know that the private+public key is right.
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