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Fake BUSD transcation sent from my wallet (not fake 0 token scam)!

Transaction Hash: 0x7800fb4d9345fc7e8b2794a479f414948eb1a9126e14daff11d1802440996a68 The hackers sent fake busd token (with >0 amount) from multiple victims wallet to another wallet without any ...
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Usage of transfer Instead of safeTransfer

It is recommended to use safeTransfer instead of transfer. But I do not understand if it applies to all tokens even the ones that isn't an(other) ERC20 token. After reading more about safeERC20 my ...
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Question about security. Who else can call a function from my contract?

A couple of weeks ago I became a victim of crypto scam so I want to ask here first before deployment contract in the mainnet. If I deploy my contract with hardhat this way: let swapExamples const [...
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Is it safe to sign messages with Personal Sign or can you hide a transaction in the message?

I am wondering if it is safe to sign any message with Personal Sign? Can't a malicious dapp try to hide a transaction inside the message I am signing and then use my signature to make that transaction?...
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smart contract information issue

Hi I was scammed by troncase, I want to know how to get my original staking out of the smart contract. it is asking me for a userAddress_address, last_uint256, first_uint256 What do i type in those ...
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Is it safe to make a contract call from a giant loop?

I have this function in solidity: function payPlayers(address[] memory players, uint256[] memory values) public payable returns (bool[] memory result) { result = new bool[](players.length); ...
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How expensive is it to manipulate the gas price?

Imagine that an evil billionaire decided to make Ethereum hard to use by making the gas very high. I'm wondering how expensive this would be to do for various timescales. For example, manipulating ...
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Whether Geth is safe to install?

I'm using Windows OS and is my private computer. Norton Internet Security says : Firewall rules were automatically created for geth and Intrusion Prevention is monitoring network traffic. Can ...
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Is it possible to use low mining complexity to remove some certain transaction in the past?

I have a question that has concerned me for a long time. It relates to the security and reliability of the blockchain applications. Let's assume I want to build an application that uses Ethereum or ...
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Can a smart contract transfer (steal) another contract's tokens? [duplicate]

Let's say I have an ETH address and that same address holds AAA, BBB and CCC tokens. Each token symbol is managed by a different contract (each contract was created by a different person/organization ...
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About security of web3.js when running inside a browser

Please explain how authentication for "protected" operations (such as withdrawal of money from a wallet) is handled in web3.js when it is run inside a customer's browser. Please also explain how it ...
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How to make user sign up and login on my decentralized application?(on production it should work without metamask)

Assuming that user who is going to signup is not having any ethereum account so how can I generate a public, private key and address for ethereum and make use of it to make further transactions. Users ...
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How safe are online private key and seed generators?

Recent news from IOTA wallets: Just two days ago, many users reported having their funds (an estimated $4 million) in their IOTA wallets stolen from an unknown source. The cause? Online seed ...
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How to user SafeERC20 from zeppelin-solidity

I am trying to utilize the SafeERC20 library from zeppelin-solidity. However the instructions for using the library are not sufficient for a novice like me . Please help me in understanding . /*...
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How to store lots of private keys on a server?

I am building a web app where I have to keep track of a private key associated with each user. For the sake of this discussion let's assume that it's an exchange and users can send their ETH to this ...
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2 answers

What is the difference between an exchange like Coinbase and a wallet like Jaxx, MEW, MetaMask?

What is the difference between storing ether with an exchange (e.g. Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Poloniex, Bittrex) and a wallet like Jaxx, MEW, MetaMask?
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