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Questions about uses cases for Ethereum.

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What exactly is the role of Oracles like Chainlink in decentralized insurance?

I am from the insurance industry, and I'm trying to understand if there's any value that blockchains and smart contracts can provide in this domain. I'm trying to understand things at the conceptual ...
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What are some real uses of ERC20 Tokens?

Hello I am pretty new to the world of crypto and as far as I understand Tokens are basically ERC20 contracts written in the Solidity and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. I understand people buying ...
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Private Ethereum as private payment system

Case This is a hypothetical question. Let us assume we own a group of stores, restaurants or cafes and want to give our customers the opportunity to pay per App, with our own system not an external ...
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Use a token for two use cases

So I've created a token for my Dapp. I want to have users buy tokens to vote in my app and "elect" people. I also want to use them agin in a court like system. Essentially, I want token holders to be ...
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Gas station network use cases

I'm trying to understand the purpose of EIP 1613. Related to this website says "No more Metamask". So it assumes that a user does not have direct access to his private key / wallet. It means the key ...
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Ethereum Private network for Production use case

When I should consider to use Ethereum Private network for Production use case? Can I dictate network difficulty rules and apply permission on such network. Regards Dev
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3 votes
2 answers

zk-SNARK use cases in blockchain (except payment)?

Is there other examples of using zk-SNARK for supporting "private transactions" except Zerocoin or Zchach ? (For example, is it possible to use zk-SNARK for health data ? or any other use cases in ...
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Are there any currently successful use cases for smart contracts?

I was reading this article "Why Many Smart Contract Use Cases Are Simply Impossible" (here at about how many ideas for smart contracts are impossible to implement in practice. The ...
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4 answers

What purpose has blockchain in this use case? - tracking seafood

I'm a newbie in the blockchain world. I watched this example: And I wonder why I need blockchain to this? What purpose has blockchain ...
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Healthcare and blockchains

I've seen Blockchain use case in healthcare but it doesn't quite answer my question. I would like to know if there is a real use case for blockchain in healthcare or if it is just a buzzword that ...
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2 answers

Blockchain use case in healthcare

I am new to blockchain. I am trying to understand the use cases of blockchain as a technology in healthcare. There are number of articles about different cryptocurrencies. I was going through this ...
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What specific technical advantages, if any, for any use-case, does bitcoin have over ether

Please note: I have reviewed What advantages and disadvantages does Ethereum have over Bitcoin? and What (if anything) in Bitcoin is better than Ether in the application area of a payment system? ...
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What business cases can be made for using Ethereum as a platform?

I am not sure if this is the right place for a high level technology choice question. If not, please direct me to the appropriate forum. Context I am involved in a business that deals with payment ...
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Blockchain use case – Trying to understand provenance tracking

I am trying to understand how blockchain would be helpful in provenance tracking of goods. Example: Company X is using blockchain technology to import pork into USA. Let us assume there are many ...
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Ethereum's benefits: why should I be interested in Ethereum?

Is there a list of features and benefits to using Ethereum? As a developer, why should I spend time looking into Ethereum? What engineering benefits does Ethereum offer over existing technologies?
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3 answers

What are State Channels and use case/code examples?

A previous Reddit post gave some indication: It's basically Lightning-network style payment channels but for arbitrary state updates. Participants in the Dapp send messages with transactions to ...
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What usecases do private blockchains have?

Are private blockchains intended to serve as testnets only or are there other applications? What use cases can private blockchains be applied to?
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