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1 answer

About smart contract [closed]

I trade (scalping) cryptocurrency futures on binance. I'm not a developer and I don't know programming languages. Can I learn to write smart contracts without knowing js or java? and advise please , ...
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1 answer

How can users call the functions of an ERC20 token that was created by another contract (within a crowdsale contract)?

Using Ethereum wallet if I create a token and deploy it I can then interact with it and use the functions of that token (e.g. transfering tokens). However, if I deploy a crowdsale contract and that ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Is every Ethereum user already familiar with Bitcoin? [closed]

What can be done to make Ethereum more approachable for those new to blockchain technology? I know a lot of people who are now interested in Ethereum but they had no idea what it was all about until ...
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I found a useful Ethereum script. How do I run it ELI5?

What's the least painful option to use the Stackexchange Bounty script described here? I'm dreaming of a chrome extension :)
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