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How to convert 5 ETH worth token to another blockchain wrapped ETH without actually converting tokens to ETH

So this is the example: we have 100 X Tokens on Etherium mainNet, which let's say has the value of 5ETH. Now I create Wrapped ETH on BSC and the Wrapped ETH price is same as ETH. (peg to ETH). Now I ...
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How to make an erc20 token track the dollar to pound value ratio?

How to make an erc20 token that tries to mimick the pound value and track the dollar to pound value ratio? So if it goes up to 1 pound is 1.40 dollars I want to automatically buy/sell to match this ...
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How to peg a token to another token

I want to create a token that represent the other token, the peg is not 1:1 but e.g. 10:1, so if a person deposit 1 of TokenX will get 10 of my tokens. The person should also be able to withdraw his ...