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General-purpose blockchains without gas fees

Is it possible to create a general-purpose, turing-complete blockchain (i.e. Ethereum) that does not need gas fees? It's to my understanding that Ethereum needs gas fees due to the halting problem (in ...
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Is EVM deterministic?

Unlike something like JVM or CIL, EVM is said to be deterministic and understandably so when multiple nodes in a decentralized network have to simultaneously work together. But, EVM is also said to be ...
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Formal definition of the EVM as a Turing Machine

I am trying to understand the EVM in the context of a classic Turing Machine. I have read through the yellow paper and taken what I can from the internet, but I still feel like I could use some help ...
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What features are possible on Ethereum than can never be implemented with Rootstock

I understand that there are limitations to what type of code can run on the Bitcoin network and how much data can be stored in each transaction. With a 2 way pegging like Rootstock many of the smart ...
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Are there any drawbacks of being Turing complete?

I understand that Turing Complete means that Ethereum is robust and able to implement any idea that can be codified including best features from other networks. Aside from blockchain bloat based on ...
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What does it mean that Ethereum is "turing complete"

People often say that Ethereum is a "turing complete" blockchain, or that it comes with a built-in "turing complete" programming language. What does this mean, and why is it an important feature for ...
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Are smart contracts unique to Ethereum?

Is that why ethereum is considered to have a lot of potential? In other words, what does ethereum offer that other blockchain technologies can't replicate.
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This image claims you can build "decentralized apps", and each computer "contributes a little to process it". Is that claim correct?

This image claims that you can put decentralized apps (say, a messaging program) on the Ethereum network. It also claims that each computer on the network contributes a little bit to the processing of ...
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What does it mean to "run code on the blockchain"? Wouldn't blockchain become huge?

More technically speaking, what does it mean to "run code on the blockchain"? Does it mean that we store the source code and then every full node runs that source code several times? If, for ...
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