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Questions regarding the implementation and use of the truffle-assertions library for smart contract testing.

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Truffle Tests Events via JavaScript

I am testing my contract via the chai and truffle-assertions libraries from a JavaScript file and am testing if events return the correct values. I have an event called Message. In my function, the ...
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Truffle Assert with Truffle Beta

I just updated to Solidity 5 and Truffle Beta and am testing my contracts in JavaScript. I am trying to test my constructor events and want to use as per truffle-assertions documentation : truffle-...
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Check emitted event with BN

I'm currently testing events that include numeric values: const level = new BN(1); truffleAssert.eventEmitted(tx, 'EventName', {level}); As you can see, the level variable is a BN, and holds the ...
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assertEventEmitted from new contract construction call

At present there is no way I can see or is documented to be able to easily use something like this with the truffle framework: So using chai and writing a test to deploy a contract with something ...
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How to use truffle-assertions to verify parameters of an emit?

I have not been able to find any resources with usage instruction besides github and blog post by the author On github an example is show as such: truffleAssert.eventEmitted(result, 'TestEvent', (...
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