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Tracking total sold not total supply?

I am setting up a pre sale contract, it enables users to purchase the tokens via a prelaunch which they are distributed from the owners (our contract owners) wallet when a user buys them. How are ...
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How scammers do this? loading up a unlimited supply for dump the market. INSANE RARE

I was digging into shitcoins recently listed and trying to know how this scammers are working. If you see the token, everything is normal until from no where like 999.999.999.999.999.999.999.99 insane ...
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How to calculate ETH percentage supply in profit?

I'm trying to calculate the ETH percentage supply in profit. Definition is: The percentage of circulating supply in profit, i.e. the percentage of existing coins whose price at the time they last ...
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Robust way to index historic total supply for all ERC20 tokens

Is there a robust way to index historic total supply for all ERC20 tokens? For tokens that update total supply through mint and burn (with proper events), this is easily done by tallying up mints and ...
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How to get how many tokens are left to mint from an ERC721 smart contract that implements a max supply?

I have an ERC721 that implements a public maxSupply value, so I cannot mint more than a certain amount of tokens. Thanks to the public modifier, this exposes a method I can call to see what the ...
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Which smart contract has the most token supply?

I have found smart contracts whose total token supply is 10,000, but I know the token supply can go beyond 10K. Which of all smart contracts, as of today, has the highest token supply count?
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How to get ETH supply from smart contract?

knowing ETH supply from a contract have a lot of use cases in portfolio management. As far as i know there is no native way to query ETH supply from the contract. Is there any provable and trustless ...
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Money supply change per block

How can I deduce how much money, in total, was created and burnt in a particular "finalized" block? For example, using etherscan, I notice that most blocks have "burnt" exceeding &...
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Does the balance of Beacon deposit contract address contain ETH2 staking rewards?

Please correct me if I am wrong in any of the following statements. All the ETH for ETH2 staking are sent to the Beacon Deposit Contract address. Choose a random validator from Beaconscan and we can ...
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Etherscan Shows Token TotalSupply with all 18 Decimals. Why?

I just deployed the token smart contract and Etherscan shows the TotalSupply with all 18 decimals for some reason. Basically, it shows excessive 18 zeroes in the TotalSupply section. Could you please ...
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Token Total Supply Issue at Etherscan - Please Help! [closed]

Please help. I have deployed the token contract but forgot to setup the public visibility for the total supply. Now Etherscan cannot show/prove the total supply of the token. Basically, I used the ...
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Why Token "totalSupply" Is Not Showing Up on Etherscan?

Why the "totalSupply" of the token is not showing up on Etherscan in the Read Contract section? It supposed to be 1 billion fixed supply and the smart contract (...
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What's the totalSupply when using the polygon bridge?

I'm deploying a contract on polygon and I'm trying to cap the total supply of the ERC20 token. My question is how do I know what's the total supply? When withdrawing, some tokens are burnt and cross ...
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