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Questions tagged [tokenomics]

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How to simulate the price impact?

Let's say a trading firm wants to buy $5 MIL worth of SYN in Uniswap V3 pools. SYN currently has a market cap of $135 MIL. I know how to calculate the price impact if it is to purchase it all at once. ...
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Advantages of projects issuing their own proprietary tokens

If you were to start a GameFi project, wouldn't you get more users using ETH than issuing your own tokens? I myself would be interested in that if I could get ETH for completing the game. Issuing your ...
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where can I learn the implementation of this contract...I've seen many developers use this contract but I don't know where to find the documentation of this contract Some of the code from the contract ...
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Ethereum classic $ETC emissions schedule as of 2023 March

ETC Ethereum Classic has been running for a number of years now. What is the current emissions schedule for Ethereum classic? Did they ever change the schedule?
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How do I keep my custom token secure?

I am planning to launch my custom token on polygon. But little skeptical about. After the deployment of erc20, token comes to my account. But it feels little insecure to keep all coins on an account ...
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How to handle liquidity pool transfers and fees?

Suppose I have a token on the Ethereum network. From what I understand, with each buy and sell a part of the transaction is maintained by the contract that adds it to the LP (liquidity pool). However, ...
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Treating two assets as equal in a smart contract that aren't equal

I am auditing a protocol that creates a token yETH representing a basket of liquid staking tokens such as rETH and stETH. I noticed that the protocol treats yETH as if it is 1:1 with ETH when it's ...
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How to automate tokenomics research and data collection?

I want to create a tokenomics database. I want to build a bot to automate data collection that answers for each token on the blockchain some of the questions asked and answered in this article. I am a ...
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