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What exactly is 'supply' on the 'supply vs demand' equation to determine the price of a token?

We know that the price of a token is always a balance between supply and demand. Whenever I check what supply is, I get vague definitions. So I would like to hear your opinions about what exactly ...
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Ethereum classic $ETC emissions schedule as of 2023 March

ETC Ethereum Classic has been running for a number of years now. What is the current emissions schedule for Ethereum classic? Did they ever change the schedule?
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Burning tokens when it swaps in PancackeSwap

I`m trying to create token that burns some % of swap amount from liquidity pool every time user buy it. I tried to implement it including _burn function to _transfer function overriding. function ...
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Why creating ERC20 tokens instead of using ETH?

I have made an online web app which executes a process only if a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain is made. As I was developing my initial thought was to create an ERC20 token so that whoever has ...
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Can the tokenomics info be queried from a smartcontract via web3.js?

I don't know what this is called: Let's say, someone buys 1000 tokens. There may be some rules in a smartcontract that from each purchased token 90% goes to a buyer and 10% to the author of a token. ...
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How do I keep my custom token secure?

I am planning to launch my custom token on polygon. But little skeptical about. After the deployment of erc20, token comes to my account. But it feels little insecure to keep all coins on an account ...
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2 answers

How to give rewards to users

I'm a crypto noob. We have an application in which users can create food recipies and other users can use them and thank them for. Now we want to reward recepie creator based on the amount of "...
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How to automate tokenomics research and data collection?

I want to create a tokenomics database. I want to build a bot to automate data collection that answers for each token on the blockchain some of the questions asked and answered in this article. I am a ...
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