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Why did Ethereum PoS NOT use Tendermint as its consensus mechanism?

I am trying to understand why Ethereum decided to create Gasper, instead of using an established algorithm like Tendermint. It seems like Ethereum is now trying to gain single-slot finality (like that ...
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How to change the consensus algorithm in ethereum from PoW to PBFT? I would like to use PBFT as the consensus mechanism in my locally deployed ethereum network. as the document specified above, we ...
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What property makes Proof of Stake easier to apply in permissioned blockchains?

There are a number of efforts driving towards the transition from the current proof-of-work towards proof-of-stake (more info here). Meanwhile proof-of-stake is already in use in some permissioned ...
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Will Ethereum Smart Contracts also work on Tendermint?

I recently read about Tendermint releasing it's own public blockchain soon. After crossreading their blog, I see multiple mentions of the EVM. Does Tendermint implement the Ethereum Virtual Machine?...
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