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SNX's Staking rewards contract

Could someone explain to me like I'm 5 the purpose of the notifyRewardAmount() function on the Synthetix's StakingRewards contract please? I think it's connected to modifying the rewards campaign's ...
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When liquidations occur on Aave or Synthetix or Compound or any other protocol, where are the liquidated assets sold?

Do they sell them on Uniswap or Binance? Does it happen automatically? If they just sell on some random Dex, how do they avoid major slippage? Where does a protocol say how it liquidates positions?
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Does only function involving ETH transactions need reentrancy guard?

I thought so as it may induces fallback() functions, however, I saw in Synthetix's staking contracts, they use reentrancy guard on so many functions that does not involve ETH at all? https://github....
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Understanding `rewardRate` and `rewardPerToken` in Synthetix Staking contract

In the Synthetix Staking Contract or even the following simple staking contract from Smart Contract Programmer there are a few parameters that govern the rewards dispersed, namely rewardRate and ...
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Erc20 staking but with variable reward rate [closed]

How would I go about implementing a staking contract similar to pancakeswap farms or synthetix staking rewards but with a reward rate which can be changed in the midst of staking duration? Where users ...
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Transaction error "SafeERC20: low-level call failed'"

Hi I am trying to make a call to a smart contract function as defined below- function stake(uint256 amount) external nonReentrant notPaused updateReward(msg.sender) { require(amount > 0, "...
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How is the volume for the currency pair accounted for on chainlink's reference data feed? - link for reference. Let's take the LINK/USD feed for example: From my understanding, the aggregation contract fetches the price of LINK in USD from the node operators who ...
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What's the correct address of SNX?

That is, the address of the token used as collateral in the Synthetix ecosystem. I found two addresses: 0xC011A72400E58ecD99Ee497CF89E3775d4bd732F 0xC011a73ee8576Fb46F5E1c5751cA3B9Fe0af2a6F The ...
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Is there any stablecoin except for DAI that is stable against the dollar without actually being backed by physical dollars?

Is there any stablecoin except for DAI that is stable against the dollar without actually being backed by physical dollars? Perhaps backed by CDP or some other method? Vesa
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