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How to change syntax color on remix?

I am confused how to change syntax color on remix because my default color syntax does not apply when it call functionName, .call and etc. This is my code: function checkBookings(uint256 id, string[] ...
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VSCode Extension for auditing solidity code [closed]

I work as an auditor in the DeFi space, which means I get to dive into other people's code quite a lot in my everyday work. I usually get to read several contracts in each project i'm working on, some ...
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Markdown syntax highliter for Solidity

Does anyone here know about an available markdown syntax highlighter for Solidity? Pygments & PrismJS do not include Solidity, Vyper.. What does uses for its docs?
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require() does not work in solidity code?

I defined a function in my contract as follows: (summarized code) struct StateStruct { bytes32 description; mapping(bytes32 => bytes32) sub_state; } struct ObjectStruct { ...
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How do I get github to syntax highlight Solidity code?

I uploaded a smart contract written in Solidity to github but it is not syntax highlighted. Instead it looks like a regular text file. I would like syntax highlighting to be shown on Github. How do I ...
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