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How to get work from

I could not find any tools or software that only supports getting work (or in other terms, getting the block data and target) from Ethermine pools. The's website provides the host ...
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Why can I no longer mine on the binance pool? [closed]

This question was closed due to being off-topic, which is fair enough, but I'll add the solution here in case it helps someone: Change protocol to stratum1+tcp. I have been using the ethminer client ...
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Connect Geth Node with my asics

I've looked all over the internet but couldn't find an answer. So I've installed GETH and it's fully synced on my server. What is the easiest way to connect my asics and start solo mining. Do I need ...
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Debug Parity and ethminer

I can not mine on a private blockchain using parity in stratum mode and ethminer. Parity Ethereum version: 2.1.9 ethminer: 0.16 Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 Here is the output from ethminer: m ...
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Ethan, CPU miner, with stratum support

I am developing pool software for ethash coins. I use a private chain and pool software running on VMs so I need a CPU miner with stratum support that I can run on on my laptop VMs. Currently I was an ...
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Stratum mining.notify help

So, I was working on my own mining client which it works on some ubiq pools, now im trying to make it work with Ethereum on pool which uses stratum, how do I handle the data recieved on ...
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Should ethminer continue mining the same PoWhash even after a solution is found?

Is it normal for ethminer to find a solution to a problem, and even after submitting it upstream, it still continues to hash the same problem? Here is an example: (Genoil's ethminer in stratum mode) ...
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What are the advatages of Stratum protocol over websocket RPC?

Some of the largest Ethereum pools have a support for Stratum mining protocol, they claim that there is about 20% advantage over normal type of protocol. My question is what are those advantages? I ...
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