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Questions tagged [storj]

STORJ is a cryptocurrency and digital payment system and is also a blockchain-based digital storage and data retrieval method currently using the Ethereum system. From

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Storage algorithms for Decentralized Storage System

I am working on a project to build a decentralized storage system compatible with Ethereum blockchain. I am confused between Erasure coding and Proof-of-Replication to use for data redundancy storage ...
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Storing data on IPFS using KMS and ethereum

I am trying to build a blockchain on ethereum but keeping the data related to blocks in some distributed file storage system like IPFS or Storj and storing the hash of data in blocks. But we need our ...
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Is it possible to have multiple address in the same account?

I mean : getting several payments from several addresses to the same account so I could send all the coins at once and not paying the fee for each transaction I'm willing to run ETH Node if necessary ...
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How do you store image in the Ethereum Blockchain efficiently? [duplicate]

I don't think it makes sense to store the "entire image" on the blockchain. I thought it would be better to store a reference to that image, but that means the actual image file will still be in a "...
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Is it possible to delete files in SWARM?

If not what are some similar protocols to IPFS and SWARM that allow you to delete files?
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What are the differences between the incentivisation systems for Swarm, IPFS and STORJ?

Reading this comparison between IPFS and Swarm, I came across this section: Filecoin is a sister project of IPFS, it adds an incentivisation layer to IPFS and relies on its own altchain. Proof of ...
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What are Storj and Sia and how different are they from Swarm and IPFS

I have recently discovered some blockchain based storage technologies like Storj and Sia. I have vaguely understood that they rely on their own blockchain with their own cryptocurrency. But why are ...
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