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Questions related to Ethereum Blockchain statistics.

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What is driving occasional drop in number of transaction pending in the last few days?

Anyone can explain any events that trigger a sudden drop in pending transactions occasionally (refer to diagram below)?
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How does a plot "Gas price to call / memory allocated" looks like?

Pretty simple question: i.e. I have a dummy contract like this one: contract simple { uint[] dataArray; function push_one_more() { dataArray.push(1); } } How does the cost of ...
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how to get transactions per hour for given ERC20 tokens on blockchain? (preferably with python)

how to get transactions per hour for given ERC20 tokens on blockchain? (preferably with python) Lets say i want to get number of transaction per hour for EOS token.
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How to calculate the total number of ETH transmitted to the network every day?

I'm trying to calculate the amount of money sent from one address to another on the Ethereum network but I can't find any block explorer API that provides such information. What is the best way to ...
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How to distribute credits between workers?

I have just started mining. I have a miner composed by 3 workers. Each worker belongs to a different person. When I'll finalise a block I will receive a payout. I would like to know how to distribite ...
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ETH: How many transactions are added to the mining pool per time period

Every ETH transaction which is created is first added to a pool of pending transactions, from which then the miners pick them. I wonder whether there is any source (research paper / ETH stats website /...
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How many Smart Contracts are deployed on Ethereum at the moment?

I have seen the same question being asked before, but it was kind of out of date. only shows me the last 500 verified Smart Contracts on Ethereum, but not the total number. Is there an ...
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Ethereum Blockchain Size calculation from Etherscan

I was looking into charts of Ethereum Block Count and Ethereum Average Block Size. Both of them have the data since 07/30/2015 and if one multiply both time-series (Ex. 07/30/2015 - 644 ...
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