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1 answer

How to set Pool Extension for staking function?

Now I am trying to test stake and claimReward function following existing sample codes. StakingPool.sol contract StakingPool is Context, Ownable, ReentrancyGuard { //rest codes function stake(...
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Function is callable from Thirdweb Dashboard but not from the front end

I can call the function from the Thirdweb Dashboard and I get appropriate outputs but whenever I try calling it from the frontend I get a very weird error Here is the function: function userStakeInfo(...
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Problems unstaking ZRX from Validator VolleyFire using Coinbase Wallet

I am trying to unstake 1,592.83 ZRX from Validator VolleyFire using Coinbase Wallet, but only takes the transaction fees from my wallet and nothing else ...
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Does the boosted staking feature of Coinbase One apply to Ethereum?

Coinbase sells the Coinbase One service which costs $30 / month. This provides 'boosted' staking which "reduc[es] the commission that Coinbase takes from the relevant protocol payout." The &...
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why do 'stake'? Can I get specific examples for 'stake'?

Why cryptocurrency locks its tokens? I have understood that it protects from attacks or doing malicious actions. I need specific examples of why stake is needed.
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0 answers

Best Way to Read Pending Transactions of Uniswap on Ethereum 2.0 Blockchain

I am new to Ethereum2.0. I am trying to find a way to read transactions to Uniswap Pools. I looked at Alchemy, it seems they only allow subscribing pending transactions of one address. So, I am ...
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1 answer

How can we calculate rewards in a dApp which has fluctuating APY, like the one in Olympus DAO?

I am trying to write a contract where a user can come and stake his platfrom tokens and earn rewards on them. The rewards are generated on the basis of the current APY. I am trying to base the APY on ...
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1 vote
1 answer

smart way to keep track of staking info

I have a contract for staking NFTs, called "Stake". where someone will send a token and claim some rewards over time. I need to keep track of what/who sends. something like this struct ...
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