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1 answer

Invalid API key sepolia network blockscout

I deployed a contract on sepolia network and I would like to verify my coin using hardhat. npx hardhat verify --network sepolia 0x44ED9AB9F4Ab72e4b1aBfEBaDf5A942617B90D18 I created an API key on ...
0 votes
1 answer

Sourcify is failing to verify a contract that is verified on etherscan. Why?

This contract address: 0xA933268b812f97Cf623Af8d16780e45880fa1af2 Is verified on mumbai polygonscan. When I try to verify it with sourcify, I get this error: invalid json response body at https://...
2 votes
2 answers

Extracting salt from tx's to the CREATE2 deployer contract 0x4e59b44847b379578588920ca78fbf26c0b4956c

I've noticed a pattern in deploying CREATE2 contracts and now I'm trying to find out the salt used. The reason is, for verifying contracts with CREATE2 on Sourcify salt and the deployerAddress are ...