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How to generate new Breed NFT Image?

How do I use two NFT images to create a new NFT through breeding? I'm a bit confused about this. I've used different attributes for coverage. now I want to generate the image as well. For example, if ...
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Exploring blockchain use cases for real world problems

Wassup Guys, I hope you are well! I'm new into blockchain development. I have a few ideas but a lot of doubts, one of the doubts is if ethereum (solidity) or solana (rust) written contracts are a good ...
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How to decode api response

I'm building my arbitrage bot with, when I try to fetch the price via their api this is the response: { "jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": { "...
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how to Mint a NFT to a PDA account directly on Solana?

I'm a Ethereum dev, started solana development recently finding it bit confuse due to my previous Eth concepts. I'm developing a NFT marketplace on solana and its a type of P2E model. In Ethereum you ...
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is solana benifiting with solana virtual machine

What is the meaning for a blockchain of not having evm or vm compatibility? What benefits solana will get of now having svm?
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What should be the decimals for ERC20 token when you want to deploy in Solana network using NeonEVM?

I'm trying to get my head around the concept of this decimal in Eth. Should I change the decimals when I want to deploy outside of the Ethereum network? What would be the correct decimals value when I ...
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