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Snapshot API for ERC20 or ERC721

I'm looking for an API that allows to export all wallets from a given ERC20 Token or ERC721 NFT. I already tried some, but most of them take multiple minutes to respond, which is too slow for us, as ...
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Stuck in a cylical state of "Resuming State Snapshot Generation" and "Unhandled Trie Error"

Currently running Geth 1.10.23-stable. The cyclical behavior keeps occurring and I am not sure if I should be concerned about this. Occasionally interwoven between these log entries is also "...
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2 answers

Change Gnosis Safe signers programmatically

I'm trying to set up a delegated democracy with regular members voting on Snapshot for a limited number of representatives that are allowed to manage the funds in a Gnosis Safe. Is there an ...
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Snapshot issue following db clear flollowing unclean shutdown

Getting the blwo snapshot isse after an unclea shutdown and then clearing the DB. Any help to fix would be hugely appreciated! jknuc@JKNUC:~$ geth --mainnet --http --http.api eth,net,engine,admin INFO ...
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What is "NFT-Snapshot"

What is an "NFT-Snapshot" technically? What does it mean to send a snapshot What exactly should be sent? Thanks
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How to create a snapshot of all ETH balances at a given block

A similar question can be found here: How to take a snapshot of addresses and balances of all normal addresses? The top solution is still possible today, but the 1-2 week timeline is unfeasible. ...
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Include data before contract deployment

I'm creating an upgraded ERC20 token where I want to include the past owners (1,000+) holdings as a claimable amount. What is the most appropriate way of getting that data into the contract? Is there ...
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Get all addresses that interacted with a specific smart contract

I have the following question: What is the best way to get all unique addresses who interacted with a specific smart contract? For example, I want to extract all unique addresses which have interacted ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I set up a Snapshot space with a Gnosis multisig wallet?

I'm trying to set up a space on snapshot ( with my gnosis multisig wallet. I connected with the gnosis wallet walletconnect app to snapshot and ENS but when I click ...
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Generating state snapshot (syncing)

I am trying to do a fast sync on geth, its been running for 2 days. eth.syncing returns false, however I am two days behind on on blocknumbers. Geth is only "Generating state snapshot" the ...
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Snapshot of balances of all token holders at a particular block

Is there any way to get a snapshot of balances of all the token holders or the holders list at particular block. Looking for some API or tool other than web3 way to iterate over all the Transfer ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to make a snapshot of ERC-721 (NFT) token holders

What is the best way to create a snapshot of ERC-721 token holders? Maybe there is a tool for this purpose? I need to take a snapshot of holders of tokens for this NFT contract -
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How can I get a snapshot of the whole ethereum blockchain?

I'm currently running a geth node (fast mode) on my machine. And I want to know is there any way to get a snapshot of the whole blockchain from geth? Thank you so much if anyone has any suggestions.
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How to take a snapshot of a token [duplicate]

WIth the recent EOS token snapshot, and many other erc20 tokens taking snapshots for airdrops and stuff like that, I'm very curious as to how they actually would go about doing that. I'm not a ...
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How can I take a snapshot of Ganache or Truffle Develop state and reload later?

I would like to be able to save the state of my local Ganache or Truffle Develop chains into some sort of file. At a later time, I would like to be able to restart Ganache or Truffle Develop and apply ...
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Parity: What is a snapshot?

The Configuring Parity wiki page says: Snapshot Options: --at BLOCK Take a snapshot at the given block, which may be an index, hash, or 'latest'. Note that taking ...
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