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How do i read the value returned by a method in my smart contract in web3j

I'm following a tutorial in which the instructor is calling contract.getConuter().send this returns the value of the counter on smart-contract but in my case, it's returning TranscriptReciept object. ...
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Who pays gas fee for ERC-20 token transactions in exchanger?

i am developing an exchanger as a hobby project in next js. I am just starting to learn about blockchain. I am generating new deposit ethereum addresses for every user. Now my main confusion is, when ...
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Transfer ERC20 tokens of a smart contract

I have an smart contract where people had to send some ETH using a simple transfer. Some of them transferred ERC20 tokens and not ETH. Is there a way of sending this ERC20 tokens back to it's owners? ...
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What are some reliable multisig wallet solutions for Ethereum?

so I partnered up with 4 people that we work on a project. It is not that we dont have some basic level of trust with each other but we would like to have some added reassurance when it comes to ...
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calling smart contract function from React

I am calling smart contract function in Solidity from React, which should count the votes for the specific choices. The function works perfectly when I call it from my truffle console. However, when I ...
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What are Solidity Events in Etherscan?

When you go to a deployment contract on Etherscan, which are 0x addresses just like wallets, they have a tab called "Events". What are Events and how come only these deployment contracts ...
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Bridge between Ethereum networks

I’m interested in building a bridge between Ethereum Mainnet and Ropsten testnet. The user will send USDT/ETH to the mainnet contract and will receive tokens on Ropsten(and the other way around). What ...
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Can retire funds from a smart contract

I deploy a smart contract and I provide it with some eth. Now I want the amount I did provide. Ideas? pragma solidity ^0.5.0; // Multiplier-Finance Smart Contracts import "
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gas now strategy doesn't work

When I'm using GasNowStrategy("fast") in my contract deployment I get an error: from import GasNowStrategy def main(): dev = accounts.add(config["...
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Why isn't this dutch auction returning the price or working?

I have set up a dutch auction with the specifics mentioned here: What is expected in setting up the following dutch auction? But it keeps reverting and doesn't seem to be returning the price which is ...
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Calling contract function to send ETH from contract to wallet only shows gas on metamask transaction

I have the following smart contract function that is supposed to be called from a web app, using ethers and Metamask, running on Hardhat localhost blockchain. Its purpose is to send the specified ...
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Obtain all smart contract addresses on Ethereum

I appreciate this question has been asked in various of formats over the last few years, but things in the Ethereum world move fast, so often answers get outdated quickly. Is there any 3rd party tool ...
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Is there anyway to implement Proof of stake (PoS) in Ethereum?

I am looking for a mechanism that implements Proof of stake (PoS) in ethereum. I am working on a mechanism that closely related to PoS, however, I do not find any other platforms. I was hoping that ...
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Solidity Smart Contract - Split and Send Contract ETH Balance Between Two Accounts

Want to start off by saying thanks in advance. I'm very new to solidity, so really appreciate your time. I've built a basic smart contract for testing purposes, and I'm running it on Remix. I want to ...
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