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What is Whisper and what is it used for?

It's admittedly a very general question, but I've heard "Whisper" mentioned in several places when reading about certain DApps. I understand it allows peer-to-peer messaging of some kind, but what ...
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How many topics can a whisper message have?

I'm thinking in a new DAPP that may use whisper extensively. To evaluate the viability of the DAPP, I need to know if there is a limit on the number of topics that a whisper message can have. I would ...
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Does Ethereum offer encrypted peer to peer communication applications?

I am wondering if Ethereum can be used for encrypted peer to peer communication like delivering encrypted short messages or encrypted data in bulk between two or multiple parties. Are there any ...
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Is either the messaging app or the "Open Whisper Systems" project related to the Ethereum whisper project?

There is the Whisper "anonymous messaging app", described in this Wikipedia article. And then there is also something called "Open Whisper Systems", described in this other Wikipedia article. Is ...
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ShhFilter: ValueError: {'code': -32000, 'message': 'filter not found'}

For web3.geth.shh.newMessageFilter used to return the filter on v4.x.x but now it only returns the filter_id, so I received the filter object using w3.eth.filter(filter_id='0x'). ...
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Whisper protocol: Version conflict between geth and ethereumj

I am trying to use whisper in a permissioned network with both geth and ethereumj nodes. The Java nodes detect the capability shh version 2 of their geth peers, but only check for nodes with ...
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Sending whisper messages over testnet?

I managed to setup a private blockchain and send whisper messages between my clients. Now, i want to accomplish the very same thing over either the mainnet or one of the testnets. But it seems that ...
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2 answers

Using Whisper with web3.js

I have been trying to figure out how to interact with whisper using web3. I have been able to successfully send (and receive) a message using geth console, but have been unable to do the same using ...
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Does mainnet support Whisper protocol?

I am interested in Whisper. I read that Whisper is based on Ethereum p2p protocol on github. Then does ethereum mainnet support Whisper on itself too ? Anyway, what I wonder is ... 1. Is Whisper only ...
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Error: invalid argument 0: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go value of type string

I have followed following solution. When I try to do shh.getPrivateKey(kId).then(console.log) I have received following error, please note that this line works under ...
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Whisper shh subscribe VS newMessageFilter

Can anyone explain the difference between shh_subscribe and shh_newMessageFilter functions? Their getters (shh_subscription and shh_getFilterMessages) return almost identical results.
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Can I use web3.shh with Parity client?

I'm trying to whisper a message using web3.shh following the example here:{ "topic": 't', "payload": 'p'}); And it throws an ...
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How to use shh.subscribe

I want to use the web3-shh functionality. I used the example from readthedocs(web3-shh). Everything works except for the subscribe operation. It raises following error: ...
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