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Questions related to Ethereum's Shapella upgrade

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BLS credentials

Changing the wallet address at the BLS, will that be possible at some point? I submitted my Coinbase address to the BLS credentials and now I'm at a loss. Is everything gone now? Are there developers ...
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How stop my Validator ETH?

have a big problem. i´m a "riesen Rindvieh". I send my BLS to a Coinbaseaddress and can´t change the address. When i stop the validator, the 32 ETH become send to coinbase. My first question,...
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What is the withdrawals field of the response of web3.eth.getBlock()?

I noticed that the withdrawal field has been added to the web3.eth.getBlock() response. Here is a small example: { <the usual fields>... , withdrawals: [ { index: '0x3812d', ...
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