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Questions tagged [rsk]

RSK is the first general purpose smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network. The RSK network is highly compatible with the Ethereum network at various layers. RSK is the Smart Contract platform of Bitcoin. Its engine is a forked version of the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and the RVM (RSK Virtual Machine) is compatible with Ethereum Smart Contracts and the tools used to deploy and interact with them.

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3 votes
0 answers

Why the bytecodes for the same smart contract in testnet explorer and Remix/solcjs are different?

I am using Remix to compile and deploy my smart contract to the Rinkeby test network. I don't understand why the bytecode of my contract on Rinkeby explorer is different from the
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1 vote
2 answers

Hardhat deploy script on RSK throws UND_ERR_SOCKET

I'm using Hardhat to deploy a smart contract, it's deployed successfully to Polygon, but when trying to deploy into RSK, it fails with - $ npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network rsk SocketError: ...
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