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Questions tagged [ropsten-revival]

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7 votes
7 answers

What happened to Ropsten Faucet?

I usually get ether for Ropsten Tesnet at, now the site seems to be offline. My question is what happened to the site, but more important, now how can I get ether for ...
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0 votes
0 answers

Any possible threats of making a private key of a testnet (Ropsten) available to public

I'm about to publish a sample Dapp (with source code) and would like to provide an account and its private key available in the source code to make the life easy for anyone trying to use it. This ...
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0 votes
1 answer

ethereumj & etherscan, discrepancies between blocks described- during sync

I've cloned the ethereumj codebase, and in the directory ethereumj/ run it for testnet with the following command: ./gradlew runRopsten However, during the block synchronization process there is a ...
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