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2 votes
1 answer

How many transactions (TPS) can Ethereum 2.0 process?

Today, Ethereum has ~15 TPS, transactions per second. What will Ethereum 2.0 be able to process?
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Plasma - "If owner does not care about their asset, then an "invalid" outcome may result"?

From Vitalik's article "An Incomplete Guide to Rollups" ( Additionally, Plasma and channels share a key weakness in common: the game ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Will Ethereum 2.0 gas cost decrease?

I want to generate large number of transaction probably in thousands per day to store document hashes of certificates from Universities so that I can verify the integrity of documents through time ...
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What data does Layer 2 Rollups commit to Layer 1?

Trying to understand what happens with rollups and other scaling solutions. What is confusing to me is that when reading about rollups I see that what gets updated is the Merkle root of the state of ...
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