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an instruction on the EVM that returns the size of the data of the last function call.

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Inline Assembly: RETURN opcode can't not work. Failed to decode output

I know that: return(p, s): end execution, return data mem[p…(p+s)). I want to return something in memory but not a multiple of bytes32. For example, I want to return 1 byte: pragma solidity 0.8.20; ...
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Are there any risks of undefined behavior when calling a function which doesn't return anything using a prototype of it which returns bool?

According to the ERC-20 Token Standard, functions transfer and transferFrom should return a boolean value indicating success or failure: interface IERC20Token { function transfer(address _to, ...
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Why does fallback cause exception when expecting return value?

I want to understand, what happens under the hoods in this (very unsafe, but educative) example. contract Actual { function () external { } } interface Expected { function g() external ...
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Is it possible to get a function's original returndata if it is wrapped in an interface that doesn't return anything?

Will a function's returndata persist through a wrapper, even if the wrapper does not support a return value? An example would be as follows: contract OriginalContract { function originalFunction()...
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