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Does ENS implement EIP-2304 yet?

I have registered an ENS domain: ncwc6edqldzy6mlo.eth (on mainnet) It uses the default registry: 0x00000000000C2E074eC69A0dFb2997BA6C7d2e1e And the following public resolver: ...
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Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): SimpleContract.methods.set is not a function

I'm trying to build a Student Management System Dapp,where data of students are taken from frontend and stored in smart contract. Why I'm getting this error,while I try to set value(name) to the field-...
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Why doesn't the ENS public resolver support IP address resolution?

I wondered if there are any well-considered reasons behind the decision to not support a standardized record for IP addresses (e.g. A/AAAA records by IETF) through the public resolver and the offical ...
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Akasha on Normal Internet?

Is it possible to have the Akasha platform accessible on normal internet / intractable via simple URL? Congratulations to all Akasha developers, I hear very positive reviews so far! : ) One possible ...
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How to point a domain registered with ENS to swarm content?

I'm hosting my web site on swarm now. And I registered a .test FIFS domain to point to it: 5.test I can verify that I am the owner of that domain with the ensutils.js: > ens.owner(namehash('5....
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