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Server for end production dAPP?

I'm talking for end-production purposes and I'm interested what server specification and which hosting services dAPP developers use. Considering my scenario, I made a decentralized application in ...
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Next software release

Afternoon Community, I was wondering if anyone knows the date, or approx date, of the next software update. Also if anyone has some good sources for pooling this kind of information that they could ...
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1 answer

Solidity Release Roadmap

I am trying to track Solidity releases past, present and future. Is there an official Solidity Releases road-map?
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12 votes
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What if difficulty bomb makes mining impossible before POS release?

As mining difficulty raises and POS is still not ready, I was just wondering if POS release can still be on time compared to the difficulty bomb giving too high difficulty. In simpler words, is there ...
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8 votes
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What is Olympic, Frontier and Morden? [duplicate]

I see some clients accept the command line argument --frontier or --olympic. Is 'Frontier' more than just a name? What does it stand for? And how does it differ from 'Olympic' and 'Morden'? What are ...
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Why is the launch of homestead important?

There seems to be an expectation that the launch of homestead will increase the value of ether and improve the network somehow? What changes are coming?
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