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Can I switch to using Openzeppelin Defender or other relayer service from Biconomy with same contract deployed? How to do it?

I have deployed the following contract using the BasicMetatransaction.sol file. Attaching the code for that too. I am using Biconomy for relaying gasless transactions. Can I switch to Openzeppelin ...
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Safe-core-sdk + fireblocks as signer: Provides different transaction hashes & transaction can be executed in web UI, but not with executeTransaction()

I'm using an Fireblocks account as a signer ( which uses MPC under the hood ) for my gnosis-safe. There are two problems that I'm encountering: The transaction hash from the safe-core-sdk and the one ...
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How to get receipt in wagmi / viem for a transaction issued with Safe on walletconnect?

Our dapp is using wagmi 1.4 / viem 1.15 and a plain httpProvider. I'm connecting it to a Safe (1/1) using WalletConnect v2. When I dispatch a contract transaction, viem yields a transaction response ...
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Flashbots with 0 gasPrice

When I simulate the transaction I want to send a 0x data and the gasPrice seems 0 thus I am not included any one has any idea why the gasPrice is 0. How can I increase the gasPrice { "results&...
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How to broadcast a signed transaction and cover gas?

I'm providing a custodial wallet API solution and everything is handled through APIs. The flow looks like this: 1. Client request (tx payload) => MyServerAPI.sendTransaction(tx payload) 2. Where ...
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How to get MEV relay?

There are several types of the nodes which support MEV and they are using different relays. For example, this is Flash-bots node ...
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What is the difference between Relay and Builder post Merge in Ethereum?

I was listening to an episode of Bankeless where they were talking about things coming up, post merge. In that episode they mentioned block builders and relayers. The context they mention it was ...
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