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Questions tagged [raw-transaction]

A transaction byte-encoded using the Recursive-Length Prefix (RLP) algorithm. Before Constantinople, it needs to be signed before it will be accepted by the network.

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Do send raw transactions consume extra gas as opposed to a send transaction

I would assume the portion of verifying the signature consumes gas. I'm asking this because it seems infura does not handle signed transactions and I have a getBalance Call that is failing. I would ...
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sendRawTransaction insufficient funds while there is enough balance

Sorry I probably create a topic that was answered multiple times but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution. I'm trying to use RPC server of Geth to send a raw transaction. I've an address with a ...
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Unable to make a transaction with Data using Java api ethSendRawTransaction

I am trying to make a transaction between two different accounts using Java. It works perfectly fine as long as I am not using "Data" parameter. My intent is not to call a smart contract but to make ...
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How do I send a transaction to a smart contract?

I need to build this transaction and send it to the blockchain how do I do it ? I always used ethsendrawTransaction just to send eth but never I never built this type of transaction: { "data": [ ...
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Error "invalid sender" received randomly when broadcasting a hand signed raw transaction

I'm working on a mobile wallet app, where I sign a raw transaction and try to broadcast it through The problem is that it sometimes gives me the error "insufficient funds ...
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Facing an issue in transaction signature generation using a C library

I'm trying to generate a signature for a raw transaction using an ECDSA library implemented in C. Here are the transaction parameters: const txParams = { "nonce": "0x05", "gasPrice": "...
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transaction value does not match signed transaction params in ethereumJS-TX

I sign this transaction with Ethereumjs-tx: { nonce: 8, gasPrice: 20, gasLimit: 25000, to: '0x45cc01d4b9ad49b81527d5b6629da8664bb525d3', value: 1000000, data: '0x00', ...
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Issues with transaction signing

I have a desktop app that accepts payment from user in ETH and provides it some service for a certain amount of time depending on the amount. For that the user needs to sign the transaction in the ...
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Offline transaction like lightening network on Ethereum [closed]

I want to implement transaction process like lightening network. When 2 people do number of transactions between each other, for instance they did 10 transaction with each other. I want to keep all ...
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Ethereum short address attack not fixed [duplicate]

Articles about short address attack: and The patch ...
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How to transfer the information of the token when transmitting RPC communication [duplicate]

I have difficulties during the project and ask you questions. Please help me situation Create an ERC20-based token and try to create a transaction. Communication with geth is RPC communication. How ...
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Are there any public services which allow broadcasting tx (like

I'm looking for a way how to broadcast signed raw tx without Ethereum node. It's possible to do via, but I'd like to find other options because of reliability.
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Create broadcastable TX offline on Windows

I made a tool which created 500 transactions that I need to have broadcasted on the network. The data, nonce and other information is all available. The only thing I need is a way to create the ...
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Web3 sendSignedTransaction Transaction cost

I'm new to Ethereum world. I've just manage to create an example that calculates transaction fee and sends a signed transaction without a contract using Web3js library. My issue is that my test ...
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Encode data fields, programmatically execute trade transaction

I'm trying to encode the data fields according to the contract ABI using Pyethereum in python. I'm making a raw transaction. I'm successfully able send ether from one address to another by signing a ...
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Who pays for the gas when i send a transaction containing a signed transaction of another user

I would love it if there was a way for me to pay the gas costs for a signed transaction I receive and then relay to a node. So I am the submitting the transaction, but its data contains a signed raw ...
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