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A transaction byte-encoded using the Recursive-Length Prefix (RLP) algorithm. Before Constantinople, it needs to be signed before it will be accepted by the network.

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Incorrect return value after calling getTransactionCount

I have only few lines in the code: async function test() { await web3.eth.getTransactionCount('{ WALLET }').then(console.log); } test(); The return values are random: 0, 22 (this is the real value)...
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What is the length of an signed transaction ? ( to be sent by method eth_sendRawTransaction )

I have spent days on signing a raw transaction, but all are failed. Now I want to know, what is the length of a raw transaction? and can you give me an real example of a signed transaction? For ...
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ethereumjs-tx Returned error: invalid sender

When i am trying to send signed transaction via ethereumjs-tx. I get this Returned error: invalid sender web3Http.eth.getTransactionCount(myAddress,"pending").then(function(blockcount){ ...
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Send transaction with locked contract -> Error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value

I'm trying to send a transaction for a token with a locked contract. I'm doing this to find out when this contract will be open. So I'm expecting to get some kind of error like "ERC-20 Token Transfer ...
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creating transaction with dynamic arguments (objects/variables)

My scenario is to make transactions (deploy contract, calling its functions, etc.) with arguments (which are dynamically created/extracted from some json abi file). For example; function ...
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Can I call a contract function in the "data" element via web3, especially when I am using conversion to bytes?

In other words, say In Python I have something like that: signed_txn = w3.eth.account.signTransaction(dict( nonce=w3.eth.getTransactionCount('0x0000000000000000000000000000000'), gasPrice = ...
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Is it possible to partially signed tx without nonce and then a third-party proxy will fill the right nonce?

As part of building managing nonce mechanism, we thinking about several approaches for issue tx from frontEnd without the need to wait till it mined before sending the next tx. Is it possible to ...
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Do send raw transactions consume extra gas as opposed to a send transaction

I would assume the portion of verifying the signature consumes gas. I'm asking this because it seems infura does not handle signed transactions and I have a getBalance Call that is failing. I would ...
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sendRawTransaction insufficient funds while there is enough balance

Sorry I probably create a topic that was answered multiple times but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution. I'm trying to use RPC server of Geth to send a raw transaction. I've an address with a ...
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How do I send a transaction to a smart contract?

I need to build this transaction and send it to the blockchain how do I do it ? I always used ethsendrawTransaction just to send eth but never I never built this type of transaction: { "data": [ ...
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Web3 sendSignedTransaction Transaction cost

I'm new to Ethereum world. I've just manage to create an example that calculates transaction fee and sends a signed transaction without a contract using Web3js library. My issue is that my test ...
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Who pays for the gas when i send a transaction containing a signed transaction of another user

I would love it if there was a way for me to pay the gas costs for a signed transaction I receive and then relay to a node. So I am the submitting the transaction, but its data contains a signed raw ...
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