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Questions tagged [quicknode]

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1 vote
1 answer

Not getting every transaction and unable to parse data

The following JS code uses a basic BNB Smart Chain endpoint from QuickNode and ethers.js v6.3.0 to parse all transactions' data that is sent to PancakeSwap address. const address = '...
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Could I just replace the RPC URL of Infura with the RPC URL on MetaMask of a different chain?

I have a backend code that uses the endpoint of Infura for Goerli. But I'm now working on a very new EVM that is not supported by any Web3 provider. So, could I just replace the RPC URL in my code ...
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2 votes
1 answer

RPC endpoint for production environments

Context For testing environments, I'm spinning up AWS instances with App-chain client nodes and using the AWS ALB to access the exposed RPC endpoint. It is protected by the security group rules, so ...
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eth_newFilter call to QuickNode not returning any data

I am making an eth_newFilter call on the QuickNode API but when I call eth_getFilterChanges nothing is returned. Can anyone spot the issue? https:...
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2 votes
1 answer

QuickAlerts Help!

I have been using QuickAlerts to track activities on my smart contract and receive a WebHook in my Discord server. How can I make sure that the WebHook is indeed coming from QuickAlerts and not a ...
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