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Questions tagged [qbft]

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2 votes
1 answer

Using Hyperledger QBFT suitable for public chains?

I am thing process of creating my own public EVM network, i found the best approach available would be using QBFT on HyperLedger Besu as it is Proof Of Authority and secure for production uses. But ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Transactions not being mined on Quorum QBFT Chain

I am deploying the smart contract on Quorum QBFT Chain using Nethereum with running 5 Nodes,but transaction being not mined yet stucking in mining. Please check and help me on it ... I am adding my ...
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1 vote
0 answers

What's the communication complexity of round-change in Quorum's QBFT implementation

As stated in the Istanbul BFT paper, Istanbul BFT "has O(n^2) communication complexity during both normal case operation and round changes". The QBFT spec also states a "message ...
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Do QBFT of quorum mine empty blocks?

We are currently using RAFT as the consensus protocol as it has the highest TPS, fastest block creation, and no empty block creation. However, recently GoQuorum tutorials highlighted not to use RAFT ...
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0 answers

Private network with QBFT stops mining after 1 validator ungracefully shut down

I have a private network running the GoQuorum client from Consensys (Version: 1.10.3-stable). The network runs within a K8s cluster. There used to be 6 validators, a bootnode and and 2 rpc nodes. As ...
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