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Price of storing a hash SHA3 in Ethereum and Bitcoin

I'm involved in a Proof of Existence project and I need to know if it is convenient to create a private blockchain or we can use Bitcoin or Ethereum. I would like to know the price of storing a SHA3 ...
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Get proof that a transaction was included within a block

I see that the web3 api has the getProof method: My question is - is there a similar way to get (and verify) a proof that a transaction x ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can the modified Patricia Merkle Tree prove non-inclusion of a key-value pair?

i understand that Ethereum leverages modified Patricia Merkle Trees, and that they are capable of proving that a particular key-value pair exists within a tree. i'd like to know if modified Patricia ...
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Prove that an Event didn't happen in the Blockchain

I'm working on a Solidity token-vesting contract that allows users to claim tokens based on how long they met certain conditions. To illustrate, let's assume holders of a specific NFT can claim 100 ...
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How to search through blockchain?

I m doing project for document verification using blockchain in which we don't have to carry documents everywhere, hash key of block will fetch data of doc from blockchain.I m not getting how to ...
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Building receipts proofs using only information from RPC

I tried to build a proof of inclusion for a particular receipt in a block, but I noticed that in some cases, the receipt was serialised together with the partial state root hash after executing this ...
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Proof Of Existence (POE) input data first 8 numbers

I am trying to implement POE model based on Ethereum blockchain. Basically, I get sha-256 hash from a document, then I send a 0 ether transaction to myself and add document's hash to the "Data" field. ...
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