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How are private transactions possible?

I'm curious about the origin of private transactions (how are they even possible, who came up with them) and how they work. Also, are private pools the same as relay services? Why have they gained ...
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Quorum private transaction not working - Every function returns undefined

I am following the quickstart tuto on Quorum website. I launched the examlple script, which is showing how to manage private transactions. In the example, there are 3 members A, B, C. The script ...
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How to go about building a spam sniper bot on ethereum

I am interested in sniping[buying] tokens in the very first block in which their trading gets enabled. However, for most tokens I find the transaction to enable trading is sent privately bypassing the ...
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Sending private transactions using ethers and hardhat

I am using HardHat and ethers to send mint transaction: const ABI = (await ethers.getContractFactory("MyContract")).interface const contract_address = "0xABCDABCD" const [...
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