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Questions tagged [powhash]

PoWhash is the hash of the header of the "work package" (or new block) ethminer is currently trying to mine.

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15 votes
4 answers

What is PoWhash?

When I mine, I get something that says: miner 22:09:05|main Mining on PoWhash #45feeecf… : 6761650 H/s = 3407872 hashes / 0.504 s What does PoWhash mean? I'm assuming that the #45feeecf… is a ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Should ethminer continue mining the same PoWhash even after a solution is found?

Is it normal for ethminer to find a solution to a problem, and even after submitting it upstream, it still continues to hash the same problem? Here is an example: (Genoil's ethminer in stratum mode) ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How do nodes detect the duplicate transactions when Malicious/Misbehaving miner reintroduce old transactions in new blocks

I have read about Race attack, Finney attack where Merchants are expected to take precautions to wait for few block confirmations before delivering the goods. I was going through the validation ...
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How exactly to calculate the Ethereum Mixhash?

Sorry I have tried to study the yellow paper, but it sounds quite tough to me.. I know the mixhash is a formation of nonce, but I want to know what exactly "forms" the mixhash(e.g. header + nonce ?) ...
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2 votes
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Does ethereum support merged mining?

Ethereum uses the algorithm Hashimoto to mine for ether, other altcoins such as Expanse also use the same algo. Like bitcoin and namecoin, can ethereum and expanse be merge mined? (and how can it be ...
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How to calculate the value of mixhash in block header?

As of my knowledge how POW works is When mining the miner will have the hash1 which is block hash and he need to fine the hash2 which is hash of nonce (a random number). So that the root hash of ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Solidity - check PoW difficulty

If given block data and a difficulty number, is it possible to verify that the header produced is at or above the provided difficulty from within Solidity? For example, suppose I have the following ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How is the POW hash calculated?

I read up on the fields in Ethereum blocks, but I was unable to find exactly how the POW hash is calculated. I would assume that it is an RLP encoded value of the previous block hash, ommer hashes, ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to get the POW-Hash of a specific block?

I am trying to obtain the pow-hash of a block. Is there a way of doing this easy? Thanks in advance :)
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POS migration hard fork

when Ethereum will switch to the proof of stack consensus mechanism as i know it will get rid of the POW going through a hard fork. is it possible to have the similar scenario that happened before ...
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2 answers

Does ASIC miner works in ETH and ETC

I want to buy an ASIC Miner (A10 Pro 6GB) but i have some doubts. Is it good to buy an ASIC Miner in Nov. 2020 for ETH and ETC mining ? Recently I heard that the mining algorithm for ETC is changing ...
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