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What effect does Nvidia hash rate limiting have on power efficiency?

NVidia is rate limiting some cards to 50% of possible hashrate. What effect does this have on power efficiency? I can imagine it reducing power efficiency (same power, but lower hashrate). On the ...
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What are the factors involved in NFT gas consumption?

After reading this article ("The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt" Part 1, Part 2), I'm keen to better understand what are the factors involved in energy consumption by NFTs. The ...
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How does web3.eth.estimateGas does its estimation?

I looked at but can not find the method which it uses to estimate the amount of gas a transaction is going to consume. Does anybody know ...
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Low Hashrate On Rx 570

I have bought a sapphire nitro+ rx 570 8GB (Samsung Memory)... Modded with SRBPolaris... copied strap 1500 to upper (to 1625,1750 and 2000)... PolarisBiosEditor cant read my rom... after that i tried ...
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2 PSU for 2 GPUs

First is old Fortron 500w, working perfect but can't handle 2gpus. Second PSU is even older noname(Mercury) 350w. Second GPU is powered trought riser purely with 350w PSU. Apart from power ...
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How do I connect power to gpu's?

Bit of a noob question I'm afraid but can't find the answer anywhere. I'm currently sourcing parts to build my first rig. I have 6 rx580 sapphires on order, so waiting for them to come back in stock. ...
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To high power consumption 2x RX 470 8G - 575 watts - How to fix?

My miner is runnig for a few days and today i checkt the power consumption with a special device. The consumption is around 575 Watts. I had assumed that it will be around 300 Watts. Why is the ...
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ethereum mining rig power consumption

I am planning to build a mining rig with 6x Amd PowerColor Rx 480 8GB. They require each 500 watt minimum. What PSU will be handle all of them? Maybe its better to use 2x PSU (3 card with 1 psu and ...
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Software to measure power consumption of mining?

Does anyone know of any good software that will measure my PC's power consumption while I mine ethereum? I'm aware I could buy something to measure it on the socket, but free software is well, free.
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Mining wattage on Sapphire R9-390

got my first rig coming online. 6x Sapphire R9-390. I have 2x 750w power supply. Am I good? Does anyone have these cards and know the watt draw? Thank you :-)
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