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How can I run multiple nodes(Full node, geth client) in single PC in public network?

As I know, ethereum network uses 30303 port for UDP/TCP and use 9000 or 8551 for P2P. But, every single public IP has single 30303 port and 8551 port. Can I run multiple nodes (full, light whatever) ...
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Defining "listen," "listenaddr" and "discovery" ports from admin.nodeinfo?

f you type "admin.nodeInfo" at the javascript console, you will see: listenAddr: "[::]:<value>", name: "Geth/v1.6.1-stable-021c3c28/linux-amd64/go1.8.1", ports: { discovery: <value&...
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How to change Parity's TCP and UDP port to run an Ethereum node?

As far as I am aware the ports 30303/TCP and 30303/UDP, 30301/UDP have to be accessible from the internet in order to run an Ethereum node. I am running Parity and am sitting behind a firewall which ...
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Geth can't connected to via Websocket

I am trying to connect to Geth via Websockets but unfortunately i am given 403 error. I am using the --ws --wsport XXXX args. Everything is done in a local instance, so that would be surprising if ...
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Pyethapp port forwarding and configuration help?

I'm trying to setup an ethereum node on my raspberry pi using pyethapp as the client. I was wondering if allowing port forwarded inbound connections would help to make my node more useful to the ...
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Port requirements for a Full-Node?

Do I need to open BOTH TCP and UDP 30303 on my router? Or only TCP? EDIT: I am also unclear if the UDP protocol should be opened on Port 30301 instead (as discussed on this page:
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Peermanager is unable to connect to nodes

I'm following this guide and am trying to create a private network with its own block chain and peers. I managed to install docker following this guide (I'm using a debian 8 jessie virtual machine) ...
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Does using contracts require port forwarding?

I'm following the guide for creating a user service as described here. When I place the file in ~/.config/pyethapp/contrib directory and restart pyethapp: $ pyethapp run I get the ...
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Is having an open TCP port dangerous (Mac OSX)?

I was reading this post on reddit where a user got all her ether hacked because she had an open RCP port when deploying a contract. I just used network utility to run a scan and it turns out I have ...
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Which TCP and UDP ports are required to run an Ethereum client?

The geth CLI options suggest that per default the client listens on TCP port 30303. This page, additionally suggests that UDP port 30301 is used for node discovery. Is this all that is required or are ...
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