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Questions tagged [polkadot]

This topic can be used to discuss the Polkadot protocol and/or its white paper.

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Parity signer seed phrase recovery using ledger and polkadot.js: Why with same phrase a different account address appears?

In the past I made a Polkadot-cold-wallet using an old phone and parity signer. I added DOT to this wallet. Today I entered that same seed phrase into a ledger. Unfortunately a different address ...
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generate valid address for polkadot and bitcoin and other tokens using web3.js

using below code const Web3 = require('web3'); const apikey = "b1fdacbb-59ea-4598-96ed-......"; const network = 'testnet'; // Change to mainnet for production const chainId = 97;...
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Is it possible to sign an Ethereum transaction when you only have the account address?

I need to sign & verify an message on Ethereum, but my problem is that I only have my account address. When I try to use for instance MyCrypto it requires another type of wallet. I have tried ...
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Getting error {'error': {'code': -32600, 'message': 'Unsupported JSON-RPC protocol version'}, 'id': 1} when using eth_subscribe

CODE: This is on the EVM chain moonbeam network from websocket import create_connection import json url = 'ws://xx.xx.xx.xx:9944/' ws = create_connection(url) ws.send(json.dumps({"id": 1, &...
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error[E0282]: type annotations needed

While I was building a subsrate node using cargo build I got this error message. [ How to solve this??
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I transfered ERC-20 token to the wrong Efinity address [duplicate]

I transfered ERC-20 token to the wrong Efinity(NFT blockchain on Polkadot) address,how to get it back? Someone plz let me know
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2 votes
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Why isn't Polka Dot listed for trading on Uniswap?

Uniswap is the leading decentralized exchange for many ERC20 tokens. DOT is an example of such a token I'm guessing since it's a self-declared complementary extension of the Ethereum ecosystem, so why ...
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3 answers

How to identify whether a coin or token runs on Ethereum?

Hundreds of coins and tokens are listed on, but how can you tell which ones are Ethereum-based or Ethereum-dependent? Hundreds of them obviously are. Is it only through one's own ...
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Can we say Polkadot is a sidechain of Ethereum

There is something i do not understand about Polkadot. Can we say Polkadot is a sidechain of Ethereum ? Or is it contestant of Ethereum ? Is it correct to say "Polkadot is not a Layer 2 of ...
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LibP2P v DevP2P

Why is are new projects (ETH 2.0, Polkadot (Substrate) ) favouring Libp2p over DevP2P? I have seen this answer, but it doesnt really drawn strict comparisons. What is the distinction between libp2p, ...
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2 answers

What is PolkaDot in layman's terms?

So I was trying to dive into the polkadot paper by Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity. But it seems to be too advanced for my current level of understanding. In layman's terms ...
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How does Polkadot work? [closed]

How does Polkadot enable the integration of different blockchains? What are the core components of that process?. I would like to understand the difference between two way pegging and the Polkadot ...
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How can I create connected multiple blockchains?

I want to create multiple private blockchains over Ethereum testnet, which need to be somehow connected. Is it possible to have a node on private blockchain that is connected to the another node on ...
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