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Is it a good practice to token gate smart contracts for a user base?

I want to create a contract like below which restricts access to some functions based on holding of ERC721 token. contract GreetingContract { IERC721 public token; string greeting; ...
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1 answer

Common approaches for roles and permissions in Solidity

How can I implement access control and permissioning in a Solidity smart contract, and what are some common approaches for managing roles and permissions?
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1 answer

I need to understand how to give deposit and withdraw permission to an aragonOSx plugin

I'm currently looking at the DAO.sol contract and I cannot find: the specific permission I need for the deposit function (so that I can deposit assets into the DAO). any withdraw function so that I ...
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Are aragonOSx plugins the same as the apps within the first aragon protocol?

The mental model i have of plugins is plugins === apps but this is not really the case is it? Plugins in the new aragonOSx protocol:
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1 answer

revoking any or all smart contract permission given

my question is can I revoke any permissions given to a third party website to acces unlimitted funds from my account.if its possible can someone make a script or guide me into doing it.Cause my funds ...
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2 votes
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What is ApproveForAll() and what else are we approving exactly?

OpenSea asks approval (that costs gas) to list, sell NFTs you own if for the first time (until their next updates if any) using a contract interaction or function called ApproveForAll(). But what ...
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Tools to see which contract addresses have approval to spend your tokens and revoke access to them in bulk?

Is there a tool to see which contract addresses have spend permissions for my tokens? And potentially revoke them if needed in bulk.
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