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How do the protocols used in Ethereum (e.g. Whisper, P2P protocol suite) map onto the OSI model?

It would be useful to have a mapping of all of the protocols involved with the Ethereum implementations on to the OSI model (or equivalent). The protocols might include: Whisper, devP2P, IPC, RPC, ...
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Synchronisation failed: peer is unknown or unhealthy

I am getting this error message while synching my geth node: eth/downloader/downloader.go:278] Synchronisation failed: peer is unknown or unhealthy Why would a peer be considered 'unhealthy'? Is ...
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15 votes
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How do I create my own mining-pool?

I have about 900+ Mh worth of power and I'm thinking of creating my own pool and putting all my miners in the pool instead of pooling with others. However I've found no instruction on how to do this. ...
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Is there p2pool mining available for ethereum?

Are there any decentralized mining pools available for ethereum? Something like p2pool which fully decentralizes the mining process and reward distribution? Is this possible?
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