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How are the base fee and the blob base fee trustlessly relayed from Ethereum to Optimism?

I was reading Optimism's docs on Transaction Fees, and I noticed these statements: The L1 Data Fee is most heavily influenced by the Ethereum base fee that is continuously and trustlessly relayed ...
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1 answer

Contract verify

I get such error of compilation in Optimism Sepolia testnet network.The contract succesfully compiles using hardhat with needed configuration.What should I do to get verified the contract ?
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Evaluating Cost Saving Potential Layer1 to Layer2

I am trying to evaluate cost savings when using a Layer 2 Blockchain network compared to Ethereum/Layer1. Currently i do not necessarily make use of L1/2 inter-communication, so just deploying and ...
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Uniswap V3 transaction on Optimism reverted with "err32" error

I was attempting to interact with a Uniswap V3 pool contract on the Optimism network, but encountered a transaction failure with an 'err32' error. The transaction reverted with the warning: Warning! ...
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1 answer

How to broadcast a transaction directly to a centralised sequencer (Arbitrum/Optimism/others)

Most layer two chains have their centralised sequencer which operates first-come-first-server, or so-called fair sequencing manner. If you use the centralised sequencer, there are no Malicious ...
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1 answer

Unapproved transaction on BaseL2 **basically my funds have been stock for a minute now**

I currently have an unapproved transaction on the Base L2, and it's strange that my wallet is essentially stuck on an unapproved transaction. I can't send any other transactions with that wallet. I ...
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0 answers

Optimism Swap problem in

Error in code when trying to swap from Optimism to usdt or usdc via library I have code that swap successfully to Arbitrum, Polygon but error in Optimism. I am using MetaAggregationRouterV2 ...
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Bridging ethers without private keys

According to Optimism SDK guide we should provide the Ethereum private key to generate an account on Optimism. If we were to apply this method to an crypto exchange that its wallet service is ...
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