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New token no name or call sign?

I created a new token on the Polygon net and got it all worked out, showing in my wallet, and confirmed by etherscan (I did this all in remix). But now if we go to the token in the polygonscan it wont ...
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0 votes
1 answer

Is There Any Way? To Manipulate My Token Price?

**What If?** Is There Any Way? I Create a Coin Recently and Then Provide liquidity of **1 BNB = 100K LKZ** [Coin Name] after that I buy my own coin from another wallet 2 BNB = 200K LKZ but Now I Sell ...
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2 votes
1 answer

make a new PoS blockchain with geth (go-ethereum)

many tutorials out there tell how to create personal PoA or PoW chain with go-ethereum(geth), how to create a PoS based blockchain with go-ethereum ?
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