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Danksharding questions

After reading so many articles, still feel like several gaps in my understanding. Posting my current understanding/questions, appreciate any insights, corrections. At the blob source (e.g) say the L2 ...
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Understanding how different networks work on a technical level

This is a weird question so bare with me: Assume I purchased some ETH from Coinbase and want to send it to a private wallet This basically means that Coinbase, as a CEX, provided my off-chain ...
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How to distribute blockchain (Networking)

I don't know if this is the correct forum to ask this question, but I am implementing my own blockchain for learning purposes. I now have a simple PoW blockchain. My problem now is that I don't know ...
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How to create an infrastructure for node endpoint resolution on a multi-node network

I'm building a multi node private ethereum network with Quorum. I would like to give users of it a single url, like, to connect to. At the moment, resolves to a ...
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Is there a need of network additional security measure

I didn't find information about the risk and threat of being connected to the Ethereum network / internet. I was wondering if we would need additional measures such as a firewall, proxy to protect ...
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How to prioritize a light client to make sure it's never kicked out?

Running a geth full node on a dedicated server: geth --maxpeers 5000 --light.maxpeers 2000 --light.serve 500 --syncmode full I want to make sure it'll always accept my light client(s) even if its LES ...
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3 answers

Why do blockchain networks like Ethereum utilize JSON RPC calls and not REST APIs or graphQL?

I'm sorry. This might be a silly question but I am very much new to backends and networking protocols. I can write decent smart contracts but I don't know much about the backend. So... I wanted to ...
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1 answer

Unable to deploy contract on Besu network(docker) using dynamic IP

I am stuck with a weird situation. I create a local Ethereum network with Hyperledger Besu in docker environment. I try to deploy contracts to a rpc node using Truffle(different container in same ...
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Possibility of detecting MAC address spoofing in Ethereum network?

The paper that has been published here: proposes a consensus algorithm based on distributed voting process as an alternative to proof-of-work based ...
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How do I bind geth to a specific network interface?

Currently geth listens on all interfaces ( I need to bind the main port 30303 to only a specific network interface in the device, which would normally be accomplished by specifying a ...
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When to use the slow Ethereum network?

The Ethereum network works very slowly. I often am connected to 0 peers. So what are (GMT) hours when it works the best, for accomplishing a transaction? Also, which week days it work the best? ...
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Networking - p2p connections through router

This isn't unique to Ethereum per se, but I'm curious how p2p clients (e.g. geth) allow peers to receive messages from the outside world with default router configurations. I have tried running the ...
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