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An algorithm that recursively hashes components of an ENS name, producing a unique, fixed-length string for any valid input domain.

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How to check if an ens name is valid or not

How can I check if an ENS domain name is correct or not? I would like to know how they are being calculated. I mean what are the standard rules. Here is output. In [1]: from ens.utils import ...
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Should you use keecak256 to hash labels in ENS?

I am curious how you would implement a smart contract which registers a (sub)domain on ens. The documentations I have found all specify that ENS uses SHA3 to hash the domains. I thought Keecak256 was ...
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Question about the namehash algorithm in EIP-137

I am trying to recreate the namehash algorithm from EIP-137. After spending a lot of time trying to create my own algorithm, I tried to find a working python3 package online and couldn't find any. I ...
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Why is the recursion in the namehash algorithm?

The algorithm is described in eip-137.
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