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ENS domain name restricted character set and possible workaround

I am looking for an exhaustive list of ENS domain name restricted characters. Does anyone have a reference? I also tried to work around "(anything)" as a name using UTF bold characters. It ...
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How are Public Name Tags regsitered on Etherscan?

How are Public Name Tags given to contracts? Are they purchased by the team issuing the contract, who verifies them and what is the process behind it? Also, is there a way to see what contracts got ...
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What's the protocol behind the naming of ERC20 or others?

I can see other networks stick on this style of naming like TRC20 or BEP20... It seems confusing, Do they name those based on a protocol or naming rules or just copying each others style?
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Who is the owner of ETH zone?

As I understand, .eth domain zone is a smart-contract. Does the owners of this smart contract delete record about .eth domain?
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What is the "dicitionary" for?

When bidding via the ens registrar page, one has to wait until the dictionary loaded before the "bid" button can be used. What is this dictionary and what does it do? Why is it possible to bid after ...
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Open Auction again after succesful transaction - Why?

I'm using MetaMask for bidding via the ENS registrar DApp. It happens from time to time that the transaction for a bid is confirmed on etherscan, and also the .json file lists it NOT as pending. But ...
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Client Side JavaScript Ethereum Address Generation? [duplicate]

I would like to generate Ethereum addresses clientside with JavaScript, what is the best way to go about doing this? Also, I read that dual Eth-Bitcoin addresses are now possible, and there are many ...
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ENS Registrar Initializing ...

I am trying to bid on a domain. However it says "Initializing ENS Registrar" ... So ... I check the JavaScript Console (as recommended) and here is what it says: However I don't know what to do now.....
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Is there a standard name registrar contract?

In Etherscan's accounts page, some accounts have names affiliated with them. Where are these names saved? I'm thinking of making a name registry for my dapp, but I would like to know if there is a "...
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How Can I Add My Name Next To Address On Etherscan?

I'm wanting to set up a charity and want to use a public wallet for accepting donations with on Etherscan where I can have a displayed name next to the wallet like this: How Can I Add My Name Next To ...
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Registrar in a private testnet

I've created a test network --networkid="11111" and I was able to create the "greeter" contract as an excercise. Now, I'm following this guide and I am trying to register a name, but with no luck: ...
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What is the Global Registrar?

Some guy on reddit found an address with 235 ETH in his wallet. He was confused about how he managed to get so much ETH. Commentators told him that it is the global registrar object. Here is an ...
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Is 'registrar' a built-in contract?

The Design and issue your own cryptocurrency tutorial introduces registrar to create address aliases. Is registrar a built-in contract reference? Why does tab completion for r not suggest it? Are ...
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Is there a name registrar yet?

Months ago the idea of a "Global Name Registrar Contract" was thrown around. There is code to deploy one out there, but is there an official one that official clients (geth / Mist / etc) will use by ...
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