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Security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts

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I am having trouble running slither and mythril on contracts that import more than 1 library

I'm trying to audit some of the damn vulnerable defi challenges using static analyzers slither and mythril. I can run these tools on the challenges that use the openzeppelin library exclusively thanks ...
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How to Run Mythril tool using hardhat?

Mythril fails to import remotely and all-time searches in the local file system - to solve this I used Hardhat to compile my contract - and hardhat compiled contract. Now I am stuck on How to run ...
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Unable to run mythril on a Hardhat project

I have a hardhat project on my local system. For running Mythril security analysis I am using the following command: myth analyze contracts/MyFile.sol --execution-timeout 900 Receiving the following ...
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address payable[] public causing SWC 110 and execption state

This is the output of mythril ==== Exception State ==== SWC ID: 110 Severity: Medium Contract: XXXXXXX Function name: recipients(uint256) PC address: 2067 Estimated Gas Usage: 1089 - 1184 An assertion ...
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Difference between MythX and Mythril for security auditing

I know that both mythrix and mythril are used for smart contracts auditing but I didn't figure out yet the difference between them. I'll appreciate any help.
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Get All Contracts from Blockchain

I am developing a large database of exploitable contract addresses and creating a website to host such a database for users to use to see if contracts are safe. Is there a way to get all contract ...
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Can't initlized contract class in mythrill

I'm doing my first steps in mythril. Here is the code I'm trying to run: from mythril.ether.soliditycontract import SolidityContract from mythril.laser.ethereum import svm contract = SolidityContract(...
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Docker mythril can't connect to Ganache or local .sol contracts

Has anyone here used the docker version of Mythril ( and can give me a hint on how to make it work? I only get: $ docker run mythril/myth -xa ...
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