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Are privacy zk-roll ups the Ethereum-equivalent of Bitcoin Tumblers?

In Bitcoin, people can move bitcoin privately using Tumblers or Mixers to obfuscate source of funds, like Tornado Cash. In Ethereum, is the equivalent of this seems to be Privacy ZK roll-ups like ...
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Consolidating balances from multiple addresses in a private manner

I have a large amount of Ethereum addresses that all have random amounts of Ether in them. I'd like to consolidate these into one address now, for ease of use. I was intending to use Tornado Cash to ...
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Can someone help me understand what this address is? It says its private but has a lot of weird transactions. I am trying to track a scammer

I am tracking a scammer and I need to figure something out, just to be sure. For example is telling me this address 0xc94ebb328ac25b95db0e0aa968371885fa516215 is a a regular ...
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ERC20 Mixer to transfer fund privatly

I am working on idea to mix erc20 token from one account to many account. i have seen many example but all example has some limitation. like you can mix fixed amount. Sender can mix one ...
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What is exactly the MIX algorithm

I am attempting to evaluate the exact implementation of the MIX block of the hashing mining. There is much information (may be too much) but could not locate any that describes the detailed ...
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Is there any Ether mixer / tumbler available?

Quick checking around there are exactly two references to an Ether Mixer - this non functioning and here (r/ethereum) 24 days ago. Unless I am missing something how can I hide the source of an ETH ...
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How to increase my privacy on Ether accounts?

What would be the best way, if any, that one could change their address/account in order to make themselves unknown or hard to identify by people they traded with? More specifically, if I send ETH to ...
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Is it possible to achieve anonymous mixing through the Ethereum protocol?

Are any developers working on anonymous mixing? Is it achievable through the development of either smart contracts or dapps? Is information leakage reduced or eliminated?
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