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mining pools are a way for miners to pool their resources together and share their hashing power while splitting the reward equally according to the amount of shares they contributed to solving a block.

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How do I create my own mining-pool?

I have about 900+ Mh worth of power and I'm thinking of creating my own pool and putting all my miners in the pool instead of pooling with others. However I've found no instruction on how to do this. ...
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Will I lose all mining time if I restart my miner?

An example about solo mining with my own pool: When I stop the miner after about 3 days and start it again, is the mining time lost to find a block?
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8 votes
2 answers

What are some good mining pools? [closed]

I'd like to try a bit of mining, but my GPU is way too weak to mine on my own. I've tried finding reviews on existing mining pools for ether but they're very sparse. Could you recommend a pool?
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Can you mine with 2GB cards or less? Thinking about the DAG issues

So I'm really new to mining and I tried setting up a Claymore miner on a rig with a 2GB card, it gave me a error saying something that the DAG wasnt enough and then I looked it up on google and I only ...
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What is Miner Extracted Value (MEV)?

I came across MEV in this reddit posted by Flexpool (i think) because Flexpool was claiming MEV was a big improvement and good for miners. The close I could get to an explanation is that there are ...
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For pool mining, what exactly is a share?

Can someone please explain exactly what a share is in the context of pool mining? I have a superficial understanding of testing random nonces to find a hash under the current difficulty. I also ...
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11 votes
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ethminer Failed to submit hashrate

I keep getting an error: ethminer Failed to submit hashrate :( I am very new to this whole mining thing, and just want to learn more. I am using: Geth Version: 1.5.0-unstable ethminer version 1.2.7 ...
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Is it possible to prevent nodes from mining on a private blockchain?

Is it possible to prevent mining on a closed block chain, in a sense that only a set of addresses are allowed to perform transactions but are not allowed to mine? Mining should always be done by a ...
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Is it possible to define a smart contract as the address when mining on a pool like ethermine?

I would like to create a contract that shares mining rewards between multiple accounts. Can I set this contract address as the target address when running eth-proxy ?
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Why don't private blockchain networks that do not charge for transactions charge a fee when processing ethereum/ proprietary token on the network?

I ask this questions is there seem to be 2 flavors of blockchain: 1. Public think bitcoin and ethereum. 2. Private hyperledger, SAP Leonaro, etc. The public network charges for transactions which make ...
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Issue "grabbing DAG" for ethminer (but not for expanse)

I installed Geth, and successfully synced the blockchain. However, regardless of whether I use Ethminer, Ethminer with Stratum Proxy, or qtMiner; I always get the same error. It doesn't really throw ...
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Explanation on why I need an address, a pool and a wallet

I am very new to this world so this is a very newby question but as much as I have searched there don't seem to be any newbie getting started guide that spells this stuff out. I am trying to setup my ...
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